Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Driving Lessons For Under 17 Year Olds

The Early Bird Driving Scheme or Young Driver Scheme is a relatively new concept which has the government's backing as well as numerous motoring organisations, as they can all see the benefits in improved driving safety as well as resulting in potentially better trained drivers from a young age.

This scheme is open to under 17 year olds and takes place on private grounds and not on public roads, there are clubs as well as professional driving instructors providing training, clubs provide training in all aspects of motoring for ages from 11 to 17, these not only include learning to drive but also car control in a secure environment, car maintenance, basic as well as advanced mechanics and numerous other aspects of car maintenance. Driving instructors concentrate mainly on the car control aspect as well as in driving techniques, these lessons are proving to be more and more popular and by the time a trainee is ready for driving on a public road, they already have a good notion of what to expect as well as how to behave and to be in control of the vehicle in a safe manner.

The feedback from driving instructors as well as from students has been positive, instructors have commented in the fact that those taking lessons before going on public roads tend to pass their driving test with fewer lessons, whilst students comment on the fact that they felt more confident in driving on public roads especially when dealing with traffic particularly driving in towns.

There is the other aspect which has to also be taken into consideration, as there is an alternative school of thought on this matter that claims that the downside to drivers passing their driving test after fewer lessons may pose a risk due to lacking in experience as far as in number of hours driving on a public road is concerned. Their argument is that whilst it is good to offer training from a younger age and to encourage good habits to all new drivers before being placed in a real life situation on a public road, the downside to it being that if the average learner driver has fewer hours of driving experience on the public road and pass their test with fewer lessons, this may have a counter effect on road safety in general. The fact is that as a scheme it remains to be proven and this can only take time, early indications seem to show that it is beneficial and that it encourages confidence to young drivers.

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